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Ultimate Coffee Table Books

We just love books, aaall types of books... We sigh just thinking about the Beast's library - that Belle didn't know how lucky she had it...

Since we clearly are hoarders in the book department (not kidding .. its especially evident in our teensy 800 sqft apartment...) we thought we'd feature a few great books we have at home and a few more we would love to have. Enter our quick list of "Ultimate Coffee Table Books". These generally image-filled books are not only informative, but beautiful items to have out on a table for guests (and us) to leaf through.

From top to bottom - these are our picks:

1. Aerin Lauder's "Beauty At Home" (via Bergdorf Goodman) - We love everything about this book: the author/designer, the imagery, the design style and the colouring. While we're not in a position quite yet to afford her beautiful home decor items, we can bring a touch of her style home with this great new hardcover of hers.

2. The Smithsonian's "Natural History" Hardcover (via - This has got to be our top top tooop pick. This is a great book to have lying around. For the fact junkies out of you, this is your bible. I bought a copy for my boyfriend a year ago and its shocking how many new facts we come across in it to this day. It makes for a great time-passer/ conversation starter. You're bound to learn a few (a million...) things you did not know before!

3. Andrea Ponsi's "Florence: A Map of Perceptions" (via - We were lucky enough to study in Florence for a year for design school and absolutely fell in love with the city. We were also lucky enough to sit in on a lecture by Ponsi, the well-known Italian architect, who showed us some beautiful slides from this book. If you are looking for a unique gift, or have had the opportunity to visit Florence yourself, this pocket-sized book features a miriad of beautifully watercoloured Florence scenes. We love this book and would recommend it to everyone, although be warned - do not expect a travel guide - this is solely a picture book.

4. Rizzoli Publishing's "Louis Vuitton: Architecture and Interiors" (via ChaptersIndigo) - This book features images and information on various architectural and interiors projects commissioned by Louis Vuitton. We like the way it portray the luxurious world of Louis Vuitton through spaces. It will astound you the number of built and unbuilt design projects the LV design team has pursed.

5. Assouline's "Hudsons Bay Company" (via Hudsons Bay) - The Canadian kid in us can't help but make a push for our own local retailer. Hudsons Bay has had such a long history and iconic presence in Canada, and we love learning more about it. Just like the HBC Collection Carribou Throw, this book is a staple in our home.

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