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Our project portfolio is currently equal parts commercial and residential work. 


When it comes to residential, we are open to exploring your design style, however, we tend to lean to a clean line aesthetic, with a hint of traditional. It's what comes most naturally to us. 

For commercial, our aesthetic ​is a little more fluid and heavily influenced by our Client's branding and functional requirements.

No matter the typology, we will strive to create spaces which can withstand the test of time.





We have extensive experience with renovations and commercial office projects, tenant fit-ups, hospitality work and are growing our residential portfolio. 


We love carrying out a project from early schematic design to completion, but are open to jump on board at any stage.  



We love to lead the selection of materials, interior planning, millwork and cabinet detailing, systems furniture, and furniture selection.

Our favourite projects, are those where we can tackle the architectural and interiors with one comprehensive approach.


We are a small outfit, which makes us flexible and adaptable to cater to our Client's needs. It also means we are always eager to collaborate with others in our field. 


If you are working in the industry as a designer, decorator, builder, contractor, engineer or other, and require permit drawings, 3D visualizations, help with project coordination, design expertise or support; don't hesitate to reach out.




Contact us at regarding your next project.

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