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Colour Pop (or not so...): Black & White

B&W Vignette

Image source: Style at Home Magazine, "Hotel-Style Glam"

Colour trends come and go but black and white is timeless. There's nothing more classic than our favourite high constrast combo. We love the clean simplicity of it and the ability to really match just about any patterns in the same tones for added interest. Here are some of our favourite black and white looks, and vignettes.

The black and white backdrop also allows you plenty of room to add your favourite seasonal pops of colour with little effort and commitment. This is one look you just can't tire of!

P.s. How badly do you want one of those Chanel Tole Tray Tables like the one below? (Sigh*, someday maybe....)

Outdoor Settee Zaza Bellagio

Image Source: Zaza Bellagio, Blog Spot

Chanel Trole Tray Table

Image Source: 1STDIBS.COM, Chanel Trole Tray Table

Jillian Harris Design Kitchen

Image Source: Global News, Jillian Harris' Kitchen Design for the 2013 PNE Prize Home

CCDeuxVies Pillows

Image Source:, CCDeuxVie Shop

B&W Workspace

Image Source: Style at Home Magazine, "Home Office"

B&W Bathroom Tiling

Image Source: Sketch42 Blogspot, Impressive BW Shower Tiling

Staircase by Kelly Wearstler

Image Source: Tobi Fairly, "New House Diary", Staircase by Kelly Wearstler

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