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5 Cases of Major Closet Envy

We currently rent and have been counting down the days to a time where we can finally own a little home of our own. Since we likely wont be having one any time soon, you'll just have to suffer our relentless inspo posts!

A walk in closet definitely falls pretty high on our daydreamer list, so here are a couple beautifully millworked closets we can't get enough of. How pretty is number 1 by Kvanum?!

* sighhh...

1. "Broby" Grey Closet by Kvanum.

2. Blogger inspired walk-in "room" by Catherine Kwong.

3. Girlie closet for Blogger Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies.

4. Timeless Closet by Melanie Charlton via Lonny.

5. An awe-inspring closet by the ever so talented Nate Berkus.

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