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Designer Spotlight: Yabu Pushelberg

There are few firms out there that we feel can rival the beauty and detail of a Yabu Pushelberg designed space.

The firm was founded by design partners, George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg in Toronto, Canada. They now also have offices in NYC. The firm is best known for its high end hospitality and retail design-work; having a stacked luxury client list including Tiffany & Co., Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Louis Vuitton, Caroline Herrara, and many more.

They are also the designers of the coveted high end Toronto home design retailer known as Avenue Road, and have themselves had a hand in the design of some of the furnishings sold by the store. Their "Perry Street Boomerang Sofa" is one of our personal favourites. It also seems to be appearing everywhere from Toronto's IDS2013 show, to the pages of recent Canadian House & Home Magazine Editorials.

We have assembled a collage of some of our favourite spaces by them, but there are so many more we could literally focus our entire blog on them solely and never run out of inspiring material.

Image Sources: 1.George Yabu & Glenn Pushelberg in one of their NYC residence, via

2. Pushelberg’s New York loft by Evan Dion © 2009.

3. Yabu Pushelberg’s New York loft by Evan Dion © 2009.

4. Four Seasons Toronto by Yabu Pushelberg ©Evan Dion

5. Yabu Pushelberg design for the Pump Room Chicago

6. The Edition, London,by Yabu Pushelberg ©Richard Powers

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