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Designer Spotlight: Sarah Richardson

Last night we were lucky enough to be invited to tag along with one of our favourite suppliers (OlympiaTile) to the TTMAC Social Event. By the end of a busy work day, we are usually too pooped to go to events , but this one was an easy sell when our rep casually mentioned that Sarah Richardson would be the keynote speaker.

The event was jammed pack with mainly tile, marble and quartz suppliers so we were one of the few designers in toe. The party was great, but it was a great lesson in party planning... If you want people to listen and sit quietly during lectures, you probably should provide them with seating. Because no matter how inspiring or interesting someone's discussion is, having to stand for an 1hr quietly on a concrete floor in heels is not going to help people's attention span. Watching Sarah calmly navigate through a discussion with a lot of background noise, made us admire her even more. She dealt with the chatty crowd with poise and humour, and best of all her lecture was stock filled with great design inspos!

SO, with so many of her great design ideas fresh on our brain we thought we'd feature her in today's Designer Spotlight.

Here's a quick recap of Sarah, if you haven't had a chance to come across her immense talent and starpower yet.

Sarah has been a central TV personality in the world of Design for nearly 13 years, hosting her very own shows such as Room Service, Design Inc, Sarah's Cottage, Sarah's House and Sarah 101. She started out in 1995 as a behind the scenes prop stylist and set decorator, but quickly took centre stage as one of our favourite TV designers. We love her style for its effortlessly bright design aesthetic, which never seems to show an expiry date. So many designers have mastered beautiful spaces, but we find only a few can carry it out to stand the test of time. One of the central mantra's of our Atelier du Petit Colin Blog is to seek out great style at an affordable price point. While many of Sarah's clients likely have much greater budgets to speak of than we do, we love her TV series for making us see that great home style can be accessible for us more common folk. Trends are great for those with unlimited budgets and the power to renovate shortly after a look has run its course, but timeless interiors take talent and a great eye to assemble.

Below we've put together an assortment of some of our favourite rooms by SR. If you like her style as much as we do, we highly suggest you go pick up her new book! We got our copy last night at the event (signed to us to boot!). Its major eye candy and makes for a great coffee table book. (Buy it on Amazon here or from Chapters Indigo here)

Sarah 101 Season 2: Dual Purpose Den

Sarah 101 Season 2: Grown Up Condo

London Flat: Kitchen

London Flat: Family Room

Vintage Modern Condo: Kitchen

Sarah 101 Season 2: Bath Reno Redo

Sarah 101 Season 2: Kid Free Retreat

West Coast Classic: Nursery and Kids Bedroom

Sarah 101 Season 2: Refreshed Master Bathroom

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