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Brightly Painted Ceilings

One of the fun things about a background in architecture and interior design, is getting to help friends and family with their design project troubleshooting.

We're helping our 13 year old cousin with her bedroom redesign and have been trying to find fun ways to incorporate colour without being overwhelming. She's loving blue these days, but we were worried to go all out with her desired bright blue on the walls, since she's in a bit of a transitional age and may decide next year that she's over it. She's also lucky enough to have a beautiful, exposed brick wall on one side of her room, so we didn't want the painted walls to take away from that.

I then came across some examples of brightly painted ceilings and knew immediately it would work perfectly for her space. Not only would it seem like a great compromise but it also was a bit more unique and we knew none of her friends would have the same. By applying a more neutral colour on the walls and using the ceiling as the colour pop, you allow yourself (especially in what should be a calming bedroom space) not to be completely overwhelmed by colour.

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