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Paint-It (Outdoor Edition): An Inexpensive Way to Add Major Impact to Your Front Elevation

Re-painting a space is often the first thing any designer will suggest to update your interior space. However, many of us forget that it's also a great way to tackle an outdated exterior facade of a house or building, when re-cladding just isn't in the budget or timeline. It is a job which requires a fair amount of attention, so we'd recommend reaching out local trades to help you out on this one. Since it is difficult to reverse once completed, we would encourage you to consider doing a small test area before committing to the whole.

We have rounded up a few great examples of different exterior painted brick finishes, which we thought demonstrate the great impact paint can have to an exterior.

**If you are ever looking for professional advice on ways to update your the exterior of your home or property don't hesitate to reach out to us


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