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We're going back to Florence!

Our five year reunion from design school is coming up in May and we couldn't be more excited to go back to Florence (even if it means we'll be eating kraft dinner for the next few months to make it happen...)! Sadly our home computer also decided to recently implode and we've been left to choose between blogging and a new laptop or making the trek to Florence. Our poor pauper design life unfortuantely isn't lucrative enough to support both, so forgive us for the slow posting this month. Hopefully we can sort something out and get back on track soon.

Anyways, to help us get through the case of the Mondays we thought we'd share our very favourite room from our very favourite palace in Florence, la Sala Bianca from Palazzo Pitti. The prettiest room you will ever see.

If you ever go to Florence, Palazzo Pitti is our number one reco. Not only are the interiors crazy beautiful and guilded to the nines (you've never seen gallery walls quite like these), but the palace landscaping alone is worth the trip ( google Boboli Gardens when you get the chance). That Medici family reeaaally left their guilded imprint on Florence.

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