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The Round-up: Our Favourite AdPC Posts and Blog Features of 2015

Atelier du Petit Colin - adpc


To celebrate we've put together a quickie mash-up of our favourite memories (via insta) and blog features of this past year.

See you in 2016!

Column 1 (from top to bottom):

Featuring the iconic Conde Nast archival prints, Windsor Smith's stunning home entrance, cappucino's at Florence's Gucci Museum this spring (even the sugar cubes were gucci-fied), and our favourite holiday host and hostess gifts.

Column 2:

Florentine adventures and Pitti Palace, our completed Toronto Hotel room reno (via our day job), our favourite West Elm brass homegoods, and our very favourite Look of the Day this year (a pretty powder room via My Domaine).

Column 3:

Pretty Spring things, adpc's 2015 rebranding - a new logo and refreshed website, unique collectible gallery walls, the stellar kitchen reno envy we featured via Smitten Studio.

Column 4:

Why powder rooms are a great place for statement wallpaper, a shot from our Parisian stroll this spring on l'Ile du vert gallant in Paris, gift ideas for your designer pals, and a shot of our endless hours spent shopping for fabrics (for ourselves and others...).

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