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Chez ADPC: Tackling our Living Room/ Dining Room Combo

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

We love our new house so much. After years of living in rentals and dealing with landlords (who were a little more restrictive than the norm), it's been such a dream to have a place we can actually paint and edit.

While we wish we could furnish and decorate the whole place at once, we operate on a pretty tight budget these days, so little by little is the way we are tackling this. The first place we decided to focus on is our main floor, where we spend most of our time and entertain guests. The floor plan is open concept with a relatively small footprint, so we wanted to make sure everything flowed together without being too matchy.

Above is what seems to be the winning design scheme to date (approved by the husband to boot)! It's a combination of thing's we've already purchased and things that will be on our shopping list as we go along.

These are the links to the Dining Room goods shown in the above :

The links to the Living Room goods shown in the above :

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