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House Tour: Another Beautiful Renovation by Joanna Gaines for Fixer Upper

If you've ever watched HGTV's Fixer Upper, then you already know their superstar designer Joanna Gaines. She has a beautiful aesthetic and a talent for updating dilapidated properties and bringing new life into outdated homes.

We love nearly everything product and space she touches, but one of the episodes from this year's Season 5 is easily one of our favourite reveals, chalk full with inspiration and great ideas. Episode 4 takes on this Tudor-style home and transforms it into a timeless space for the Scrivano family. We picked some of our favourite shots from Magnolia, however we encourage you to check the before and afters on Joanna's blog, they are pretty shocking!

What we are inspired by the most from these looks:

  • The warm neutral colour palette

  • The putty grey trim throughout (we're thinking of doing this in our ADPC office)

  • The mix of warm woods and grey built ins

  • The mixed metal accents

  • The marble telework in the bathroom and kitchen

  • The bistro banquette in the kitchen

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