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Chez ADPC: Current Top 4 Living Room Inspos

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Studio McGee

Yesterday we posted our design scheme for our living room dining room combo, so we thought it would be only fitting to share some of the images we've been looking to for inspiration and why.

Why we love it: the neutral colour palette, the contrasting trim on the curtain panel, the natural jute rug, the edited cozy feel (also we pretty much love everything Studio Mcgee does...)

2. This vignette shot designed by Cynthia Hayes

Why we love it: again the monochromatic high contrast palette, the overlapping of textures, the mix of vintage wicker warm tones with clean and cool hued millwork, the collected objects, the striped pillow (we can't help it, we love all things striped!)

Cynthia Hayes Interior Design

3. All posts we've come across from Alaina Kaz's Chicago Greystone

Why we love it: the neutral palette, gallery wall, english rolled arm sofa, collections of books, mix of metals and styles, personalized decor (... and her cutie dogs). Check out here video home tour here!

Alaina Kaz' Living Room

4. Architect Barbara Chamber's Timeless Living Room

Why we love it: the mirrored sofas, the slender modern coffee table, the full height ivory drapes with black hardware, the oversized mirror above the fireplace, the settee bench as support seating, the matte/ no pattern throw pillows, also doesn't hurt it was designed by a fellow female architect.

Barbara Chamber's Living Room

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