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We're On A Cane Furniture Kick For The Latest Product Round-Up...

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We love love natural wood and neutral classic palettes, so its no surprise that we are drawn to cane furniture whenever we see it. Its light and airy feel seems suitable for summer so we thought we'd put a quickie round-up of some favourite caned items. (We've been eyeing that CB2 bed forever!)

The History Behind Cane Furniture

Cane is a term which refers to the skin of the rattan stalk, most commonly found in Indonesia. From a sustainable standpoint, it is a material which can be harvested with little harm to the surrounding trees upon which it climbs (as a vine-like plant). Of its 2-5cm diameter the exterior bark/ skin is separated from the stalk. This is what is processed to make the cane strands commonly weaved together for furnishings like the above round-up.

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