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AdPC Build-a-Room: Mod Living Under $2,500!

This is our second shot at our Build-A-Room Feature. To anyone who knows us they've pretty much figured out that we're professional window shoppers when it comes to home decor (it's a problem, we know...). Here's our take on a high end looking, mod-inspired living room look under $2,500.

We came across this great sofa at IKEA recently and couldn't help but use it as our starting point. There's also a stunning velvet apple green option, but we just think we'd personally get to sick of it quickly to really commit (to all of the bolder ones of you out there I say do it!!). All the products featured are readily available right now in Canada. We can't however promise if you are a creeping this blog months past and come across an item that you love, that it will necessarily still be available.

We tried to hold off from adding trinkets and accessorizing because we pretty firmly believe what differentiates one space from another and makes it really pop, are the beloved treasures we all add to them.

Keep up with our diy you may be seeing some of these pieces in our spaces soon! And yes, we do really like that "Directeur Lamp" - we realize we already featured it in our spotlight a month ago...


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