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Panelling: Trim Envy

We love old houses, for their character-filled spaces and trim detailing. While we don't all have the luxury of having homes clad with beautiful panelling and carved mouldings, we are not opposed to incorporating it in.

This post displays some successful uses of classic paneling. While these demonstrate detailed millwork applications and a complexity next to only provided by a hired trained professional; adding a simple 6" (minimum) moulding along your ceiling and wallbase perimeters, in combination with even applied 2-3" trim in rectangle formations across your wall surfaces, are a great way to add rich architectural detailing to a room which would otherwise bland.

If you want more great inspirational images of millwork and trim details, follow our pinterest board on the topic.)

p.s. Image 4 is of Nina Garcia's designer living room. Are you surprised that the iconic fashion journalist has a home as immaculately designed as the clothes and accessories she reports on?

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