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High to Low: Bar Carts

We typically strive to keep most of our suggested shoppping ideas, AdPC Build-a-Room, and Spotlight items within a reasonable price range. Since adding our subscription section, we're just starting to get to know you better. To cater to a larger audience, we thought we'd introduce this new High to Low segment to allow you to choose what items work best for you and your personal budget (since we are well aware that some of you likely have a lot more to work with than us...).

So! To kick off our first High to Low, we've put together a selection of four lovely little bar carts. We live in an older long and narrow apartment building. As a result, our kitchen is located at at the very opposite end of the unit, down a nealy 30ft long hallway to our living room/ dining room area. Whenever we have guests over, dragging our food and beverages over to them can be a bit of an ordeal without requiring multiple runs, so we've been on a mass search for the perfect little cart. Here are some of the options we've come accross.

1. At the very highest end of the spectrum at $1,725, is the Møller Trolley from Design Within Reach, designed by the iconic Niels Otto Møller back in 1952.

2. The oh so pretty, Mrs.Lilien Bar Cart at $550 from Society Social. These guys are truly the experts in bar carts and their site really has so so many beautiful bar cart options (plus so so much more).

3. West Elm's well-price and stylish Parker Mid-Centruy Bar Cart for $349. It takes cues from the Moller Trolley but comes in at a lower price point without sacrificing design aesthetic.

4. IKEA's MOLGER Cart at $49.99, advertised as a washroom cart, but we think it could definitely serve multipurposes - in this case as a bar cart. A little accessorizing could take this one a long way.

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