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AdPC Build-a-Room: The Teen Room Spruce-Up

We helped our cousin last week with a quick room makeover before she started up school. She's now almost 14 and was awaiting a much needed bedroom update from her younger childhood days.

She had already recently picked out this HBC duvet featured above so we worked off of that. Tonic Living here in Toronto has some really great textiles, but they also have a line of ready-made pillows that you can order online, the pop of citrus combined with the fun grey pattern make a great match with the duvet set. We needed somewhere for her to pin things within a contained space, so we came across this fun diy to help spruce up an everyday pinboard with limited effort. By changing out the builder basic ceiling light with a new pendant, we could inexpensively make a big change at little cost. Lowes has some really well-priced furniture these days (also available online), and we thought this flexible ladder desk would allow for a small area to rest a laptop or homework, store trinkets on the shelves, and when things go cluttered she could fold it up and hideaway her mess. Since we're talking about an urban Toronto bedroom, space is limited, so we spec'd a few chairs we thought were more whimsical than your everyday, could hold up on wear and tear, and double as a lounging space. This STRUCTUBE remake of the Eiffel chair was incredibly well priced and a big hit. Lastly a teen girl (or boy)needs a mirror, like it or not. This EQ3 mirror is hip, colourful and practical. We liked the citrus green to match with the bedding but they also have a few other colours available.

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