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Trending: Lucite Accents

Lucite Mashup Atelierdpc

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We were torn whether to title this under "Trending" since Lucite has managed to hang around for the last few years or so, so we wouldn't quite say it's a new resurgence. We personally couldn't be happier about it since we are major Lucite fans. We especially love it when paired with metal detailing like pieces from the Jonathan Adler Jacques Series (see number 6 above). Its also a great option in small spaces, where you need for example a coffee table or desk, but are worried an opaque piece my overtake the space. Lucite graciously serves its purpose while washing away in its surroundings.

Lucite's downfall? It scratches relatively easily and does show wear. We learned that rather quickly with our own Louis Ghost Chair featured above (no. 5). Its beautiful and sturdy, but be careful not to place keys or items which may scratch it directly on its surface. Also when washing avoid any cloths or sponges which could have rough particles.

Like so many other of our favourite home decor accents, Lucite can come at a pretty penny. While we usually make a point of highlighting items at reasonable costs, with this one we couldn't help feature some of our favourite examples for our mash up, so be warned, the pricing on some of the above is a little insane (a girl can dream right?). Do however make sure to check out our Spotlight page where we've made a point of feature a few more accessible Lucite goods.

Below are some more looks featuring these pretty, crystal-clear goods.

Jacques Cocktail Table by Jonathan Adler

Lucite Railing via La Dolce Vita

"City" Kitchen by Amanda Nisbet

Polished Brass & Lucite Pulls via Etsy

Lucite Desk

"Petite Workspace" by Lonny Mag

Dining Room by Timothy Whealon via ElleDecor

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