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Home Tour: Architect Anne Decker's Latest Timeless Design

Despite all the progress we've made over the last couple decades, architecture remains a very male dominated field. While we see nearly equal numbers of men and women in the bachelors programs starting out, the numbers begin to marginally come down at the masters level (a requirement for licensure in architecture in Canada). Following completion of the M.Arch or Master of Architecture, the aspiring architect needs to complete 3 years of registered internship for licensure, as well as successfully complete the two days of gruelling licensure examinations. At that point you've gone through a minimum of six years of university education, plus three years of internship, before you are even considered for an architecture license. Nine years is quite some time and unfortunately coincides with many couples' timing for beginning a family. By that point we see the scales significantly tip and the female representation drops. I assume that's likely because by the time you've met the requirements for licensure, you're typically approaching thirty where many of us women are beginning or already thinking about having kids.

I am thankfully near the finish line, as are so many of my girlfriends from school. However, the timing is difficult. Babies, weddings, houses, are all priorities and difficult items to negotiate while trying to kick start your career, study for exams and finally start your adult life post-school, all while on a pretty measly salary and likely dragging some debt behind you thanks to all that schooling.

That's why I get so excited when I see talented female examples like architect Anne Decker. I'm always on the look-out for female principals at the major firms or female self-titled architecture practices, and they are sadly few and far between. Anne has been in practice for over 20 years and owns her own firm Anne Decker Architects in the Washington area. Her work is beautiful. She's won many AIA awards among others and has been published in numerous magazines such as Architectural Digest, Traditional Home, etc.

Her residential projects all seamlessly weave the interiors and exteriors. We thought we'd feature one of her latest projects in Maryland called the Edgemoore House, as our latest home tour inspiration. We hope you like it as much as we do.

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