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6 Takes on the Dining-Nook Banquette

Space is hard to come by these days, especially for those of us living in urban areas. Condos so seldomely are designed to accommodate dining areas these days, substituting what should be a mainstay of residential design with an extended kitchen island or reducing you to a tiny footprint of space which can barely accommodate a four seater table. Enter the wonderful banquette, a great solution where space is limited, that gives you the opportunity to unappologitically squeeze yourself directly up on a wall and create a beautiful design moment.

We've rounded up 6 different designer approaches to banquette design to help get those creative juices flowing.

An L-shaped, window-side millwork banquette with a removable cushion base and throw pillows for added comfort; paired simply with a Saarinen pedestal table and black Tabouret chairs. Image source: Simo Design

A clean wood seat with an almost free standing furniture look to it with its front legs (back is wall mounted). The high contrast neutrals of this vignette are stunning. ... Also love love that Barbara Cosgrove Horn Wall Sconces. Image source: Jean Stoffer Design

A sleek u-shaped block seat, suited perfectly to the window bay. Image source: Dungan Nequette Architects

This plush beige rounded banquette could easily be mistaken for a sofa. Not a bad place to called dibs during a long meal and post-dinners chats. Another sighting of the infamous Saarinen table, but htis time paired with some french bistro arm-chairs. Image source: J.K.Kling Associates

... And last,but certainly not lease, this beautiful, linen, scalopped top, banquette with skirting is stunning. Image source: Caldwell Flake Interiors

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