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5 Easy Ways to Bring Fall Home

Our budget may not be large, but we love making little changes around the house to bring out the seasons. Here are 5 easy and inexpensive ways to infuse a little fall flavour into your home.

1. Cozy Throw Blankets

Fall is when our throw blankets come out of the closet and become permanent fixtures, littered all around our living room. Throw it over the back of your sofa, fold it on a chair, or store them out in the open in one of your new handwoven baskets above. Woolrich in particular is renowned for their cozy wool blankets (they make the famous Hudson Bay Point blankets). Our fall vote goes to long-lasting wool blankets, or fun faux fur throws.

(From left) Ombre Faux Fur Throw from West Elm; Allegheny Blanket in Mandarin Stripe by Woolrich: HBC Collection Millenium Stripe Caribou Throw from The Bay.

2. Spice and Fall Flavoured Candles

Make your place not only look, but smell like fall with these cozy and fall inspired scents.

3. Handwoven Storage Baskets

To us, beautiful baskets scream fall, but these are definitely purchases that will be usefull adds around the house year round. Use them to store magazines, toys, throws, or seasonal display items.

(From left) Small Sweater Weave Basket from Indigo; MAFFENS Basket from IKEA; Tall Oval Twill Weave Basket from Indigo.

4. Warm Accent Pillows

Change out your accent pillows to warm fall tones. Its an easy way to get a major impact for little effort.

(From top left) Textured Linen Pillow from Indigo; Agate Graphite Pillow from Tonic Living; Velvet Spice Pillow from Tonic Living.

5. Gourd Centrepieces & Displays

This one may be slightly cliche, but we can't help it! Gourds and squash make for such a an easy display piece. Place them in a platter, stack them in a bowl, or cover them in a cake bell. This requires nearly zero effort and looks great. You can even use these to make tasty fall treats when you get sick of looking at them!

Gourd Display

Image Source via Country Living Magazine

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