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An Inside Look: An LA Living Room by One of Our Favourite Designers

We love just about everything we come across by Alyssa Kapito. She has a classic timeless aesthetic in all our her projects, which she so beautifully edits to suit her clients. We love this particular living room she did as part of a larger renovation for a Los Angeles home. We basically have been trying to (slowly thanks to our budget) apply to our very own living room.

What we like about this particular room:

  • white and charcoal as the fabric base for the chairs and sofa (a timeless choice you'll never tire of)

  • the use of the large natural sisal rug which leaves only a little boarder of hardwood visible along the perimeter of the room

  • the stunning ceiling trim to add architectural detail

  • the detailed trim edging on all the simple white drapes for that extra hit of interest without being overpowering

  • the furniture being pulled off the wall and centred in the room

  • the use of the clear glass coffee table and mirrored side table in order to keep thing light

  • the overall monochromatic palette

  • that statement ART!!!! LOVE!

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